From the World of Communications.

9. March 2023

Three questions for Fabio Müller

Fabio Müller is a consultant specialising in media relations, strategic communications and digital campaigns.

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1. March 2023

How to get in a magazine with Brad Pitt

Swiss tradition meets innovation – a cow in the Valais mountain landscape, behind it a satellite dish converted into a solar installation. Find out what it takes to get published internationally.

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18. January 2023

A good idea, hard work, and a long road to success

Saving energy is the topic of the moment. In an interview, the Livarsa founders Salvi Donato and Mario Ditella talk about their approach and the breakthroughs in the company's 13-year history.

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30. June 2022

Intercultural competence in multi-stakeholder projects

5 Tips to further your intercultural competence skills as a leader in projects with stakeholder from different international backgrounds.

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31. May 2022

Three questions for Michèle Weber Da Costa

Interview with our new consultant specialised in project communication, event organisation, change management, internal and intercultural communication.

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20. April 2022

Twitter in a nutshell

C-Matrix supports customers in creating and implementing Twitter posts. A short guide on how to write good tweets quickly.

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16. March 2022

Three questions for Lina Lanz

Interview with our new senior consultant specialised in strategic communications, media relations and integrated communication campaigns.

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10. February 2022

Three tips to combat fake news

In the age of unlimited information, it has become very difficult to differentiate false information. A guide on how to recognise fake news at an early stage.

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12. January 2022

Cyber Security across all stages of cybercrime

An interview with CEO Kris Kormany from TECHWAY Cyber Security Services talking about the role of communication in cyber security.

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26. October 2021

The changing energy market

The energy sector is at a turning point. In this interview, Alfred Köcher points out where the key challenges lie.

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28. September 2021

A Three Step Defence against Cyberattacks

The risk of cyberattacks has grown with increased digitalisation. Good preparation can protect your data and your reputation.

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15. September 2021

Five tips for media releases

A concise and comprehensible media release increases the chances of being heard by editors. Here are the most important tips.

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4. August 2021

“Tagesschau” Interview with Stephan Surber

In an interview with SRF Tagesschau, Stephan Surber, Senior Partner at Page Executive, talks about the connection between talent and performance.

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16. July 2021

Successful communication in renewable energy projects

The investment firm, Partners Group, helped finance the construction of a wind farm in Australia. C-Matrix Partner, Vicki Tanner, spoke about this in a webinar.

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16. June 2021

Five tips for successful LinkedIn accounts

LinkedIn is the "most trusted" platform among social media platforms. Five tips on how to run a successful LinkedIn channel.

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11. May 2021

10 Years of the Michael Page Swiss Job Index

Focusing on advertised jobs, the Swiss Job Index provides "clues" about emerging trends in the job market. That's how it makes headlines for Michael Page.

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14. April 2021

Three Questions for Jan-Jesse Müller

Interview with senior consultant Jan-Jesse Müller who has over 35 years of communications experience. He specialises in major public sector projects and media relations.

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17. February 2021

Three Questions for Vicki Tanner, Partner C-Matrix

Vicki Tanner joined C-Matrix more than 10 years ago and established our Financial and Professional Services Practice.

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25. January 2021

The most important trends in Influencer Marketing 2021

Previously viewed sceptically and used cautiously, influencers are now an integral part of online marketing. Find out more about influencer trends.

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23. November 2020

Three Questions to Alfred Köcher, Managing Partner bei C-Matrix

Alfred Köcher founded C-Matrix over 25 years ago. Find out how he came up with this idea, what drives him and how he recovers after a stressful working day.

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15. September 2020

Handelszeitung Interview with Vicki Tanner

Recessions create opportunities. In an interview with Handelszeitung, C-Matrix Partner, Vicki Tanner, outlines how she moved from finance to communications.

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15. July 2020

Four Steps to Hosting a Successful Webinar

Webinars have become the new tool. They help you connect with customers and grow your business. Get tips on how to successfully run a webinar.

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