The changing
energy market.

You’ve worked with leading energy suppliers for over a decade. What are the key risks they face and how has it changed over this time?

The market has changed substantially and is now at a turning point. The market has moved from a centralised to a decentralised format accommodating many different energy sources. These include traditional sources such as nuclear and hydro to wind and solar power. The industry has moved from a format where most plants are connected to a distribution network rather than the transmission network. Ensuring supply in a decentralised market has increased the complexity and risk levels. Other key risks include attracting and retaining employees with the requisite skill sets – especially in the engineering and technical fields. Inflation and Covid driven supply chain issues are also impacting the input prices and delivery times of important infrastructure items.

You work with energy companies to help grow their business. What are the key issues they face and how do you work with them?

We work with companies to build their strategy from the inside out. In the past, there was no choice of suppliers; you bought your energy from your regional supplier. Now there is competition amongst local and even international suppliers. For this reason, we partner with companies to build their mission, vision, values and revenues. Our strategy includes internal transformation and communications programs, business development partnerships and external communications campaigns to raise awareness e.g. about their products, services and sustainable energy options.

How have consumer expectations and needs changed? 

In the past, energy was considered a relatively simple commodity that rarely received media attention. Since there is more awareness about climate change and alternative energy sources, such as solar power, it has become a much more emotional topic in our society. For this reason, it is especially important for energy companies to address employee and consumer concerns about energy sources and delight them with relevant products and services. For example, we have very successfully conducted campaigns highlighting the possibility to use solar power from a particular provider. These campaigns had a very positive impact on their business performance and on their positioning as environmentally conscious suppliers and employers of choice.

The interview was conducted by Vicki Tanner, Partner at C-Matrix

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