10 Years of the Michael Page Swiss Job Index.

C-Matrix created the Michael Page Swiss Job Index 10 years ago with the PageGroup team (Michael Page, Page Executive and Page Outsourcing). Over this decade, the SJI has provided Michael Page with agenda setting, ongoing media content about the state of the Swiss job market. Based on the monthly total of all jobs advertised across every Swiss platform including job and media sites as well as company and recruitment agency websites, this instrument has ensured coverage in all leading business, daily, regional and trade publications. At the same time, it has created opportunities for additional media commentary.

Constant analysis of the Swiss labour market

With a focus on advertised jobs, the Swiss Job Index provides “lead measures” about emerging trends in the job market. As a result, it has garnered headlines for Michael Page – especially where the job market has rebounded. This includes after the “Franken” crisis of 2015 and most recently the rise in advertised jobs as business leaders prepare for the post-covid world. As PageGroup begins to celebrate 20 years of success in Switzerland. We congratulate them on their foresight and commitment to providing fact-based media content.

Communications as a Deciding Factor in keeping and attracting Talent

According to Yannick Coulange, recently appointed Managing Director of PageGroup Switzerland, “As PageGroup is celebrating this year 20 years since it launched in Switzerland, I’m delighted that the Michael Page Swiss Job Index has identified another growth trend in advertised jobs. This highlights the emerging confidence of employers and is good news for candidates.” As new employees come into the business, it is important to adjust your communications as many of them will be working remotely for some time. The same goes for mergers which, according to the International Financial Law Review, are scheduled to rebound in Switzerland this year.

For example, we often find that companies have interesting offers but they are not targeted to the top 5–10% of jobs that will truly make a difference to the organisation’s performance. At a more general level, simple items such as benefits are regularly undercommunicated. In a recent acquisition, the key item that employees wanted to know about was when and how they could access the company’s discount store for employees.


For these reasons, we work with business and human resources leaders to design and implement integrated communications programs that make a postie material difference. According to McKinsey, 89% of employees are satisfied when their companies are inspirational, supportive, empowering deliver on development. 76% are satisfied when they deliver on wages, benefits, perks and non-financial forms of recognition.

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