Three tips to
combat fake news.

In the age of unlimited information, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recognise false information. In crisis situations such as a pandemic, fake news is at times a means used by individuals or groups with a clear agenda to create uncertainty or to damage reputations. Many companies are overwhelmed by the rapid spread of false information. The following tips show how you can defend yourself against fake news at an early stage:

Tip 1: Recognise fake news

Fake news can have damaging effects on your company and can quickly become uncontrollable. Monitor what is circulating online about your company and counter fake news immediately.

Tip 2: Communicate simply, authentically and directly

Communicate clearly and state the facts. This will ensure that your message gets across and is understood. Avoid foreign words and technical terms.

Tip 3: Involve outsiders

If your company is affected by fake news, not only your reputation but also your credibility will suffer. It is therefore all the more important to take care of your business partners and customers. In a crisis, they can help spread your message and strengthen your credibility.