ASTRA Northern Bypass Zurich.


The A1 Zurich northern bypass is one of the most used stretches of highway in Switzerland. It will be upgraded and widened to six lanes by 2027. C-Matrix has developed and implemented the communication campaign on behalf of the FEDRO as an external communication agency since 2016.

Residents, local authorities, motorists and the media are regularly and transparently updated about the current status of the project. This includes an information pavilion and open days for the general public, guided tours of the construction site for experts, as well as events and media trips related to construction milestones.

“C-Matrix has been our reliable partner for all aspects of communication in this important major FEDRO project for years.”

Ulrich Weidmann, Overall Project Manager A1 North Bypass Zurich

Key Objective

All relevant target groups, including residents, motorists, media, local authorities and administrators, are always kept up to date on the current project status, construction activity and project milestones.


  • Informing the public regularly
  • Organising construction site open days
  • Answering questions from the public, compiling information for residents
  • Organising information exhibition
  • Media relations: media releases, site visits and invitations to milestone events e.g. the start of construction on the third Gubrist tunnel
  • Periodic website updates



Regular, comprehensive and positive media responses, relatively low numbers of citizen enquiries, and a trusted relationship built up with politicians, local authorities and administrators.

Reinhard Kronenberg

Reinhard Kronenberg

Senior Consultant

+41 43 300 56 63


DE / EN / FR / IT

Reinhard Kronenberg leads projects primarily in the areas of infrastructure and mobility. In doing so, he combines his network, journalistic and editorial expertise gained across key media with his many years of experience as a project manager, consultant and member of the management team on the agency side.

Fabio Müller

Fabio Müller


+41 43 300 56 63


DE / EN / FR

Fabio Müller consults clients in the public sector, professional services and health. He benefits from his previous professional experience in journalism and IT. His special focus is on media relations, strategic communication and digital campaigns. Besides his work at C-Matrix, Fabio serves as a press officer in the Swiss Armed Forces.