Three questions
for Lina Lanz.

Lina Lanz joined our team as a consultant in September 2021. In our three questions, she reveals what she likes about agency life, how she has experienced communication in the public sector and why she likes getting around with one horsepower.

You have worked in the public sector for a long time. Now you are working for an agency. What do you particularly like about the agency’s day-to-day work?

The variety! Thanks to my job, I have the opportunity to familiarise myself with new topics, issues and challenges every day. Our clients and their needs are very diverse: in addition to the topics, the measures to be developed are also very different. I find that enormously exciting and I really enjoy it.

It is said that in the government everything runs a bit slower. Is that true?

No, I didn’t feel a ‘government groove’. Both at the Armed Forces in the area of cyber security and the Health Department of the Canton of Zurich, I have worked with highly motivated people who are committed to a cause and want to make a difference. The focus was always on the goal and how we could achieve it. I look back on an insightful and eventful time in which I was able to build up and achieve a lot together with my colleagues.

What do you do to relax?

I like to spend my free time at the stables with the two horses that my partner and I own. There I can break away from my everyday life because the horses require my full attention. Communication is also important: I always have to think about how I give the commands so that the horse understands me and reacts the way I want. Besides this time-consuming hobby, I am out and about with family and friends and enjoy going to concerts.

Lina Lanz

Senior Consultant

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Lina Lanz has worked on communications campaigns impacting Swiss society and business. These include the Covid vaccination campaign for Zurich Health Department and cybersecurity communications for the Swiss Armed Forces. She provides strategic communications advice to local and international clients across Financial Services, Healthcare and ICT.