Five tips for successful LinkedIn accounts.

LinkedIn is THE social medium in Switzerland when it comes to reading industry news, networking and finding or posting a new job. Furthermore, LinkedIn is the “most trusted” platform among social media platforms. Users are not looking for pure entertainment, but for knowledge transfer.

Based on our experience and attendance at a recent workshop organised by the Zurich PR Association (ZPRG), we have compiled five tips on how to run a successful LinkedIn channel:

Tip 1: A picture is worth a thousand words. People are visual beings. Therefore, it is important that your post is visually appealing and eye-catching. Or even better: a short, striking video.

Tip 2: Skimming. Most people don’t read long posts and run-on texts. They like to learn the most important information briefly and to the point. LinkedIn does not offer bullet points, but there is the option to work with emojis as a “bullet point replacement”. This will make it easier for readers to understand the text instantly and to join in the conversation.

Tip 3: Be direct. The beauty of LinkedIn is that you know your target group on the first level – it is your own network of friends and followers. They should also be addressed directly in the text. For example: “Are you taking part in our communication workshop?

Tip 4: Call to action. To give your post urgency, you can underline it with a call to action. For example, “Apply by 28 June” or “Only available until 28 June”.

Tip 5: It’s all about timing, as the saying goes. Even when posting on LinkedIn, there are times that are more appropriate than others. LinkedIn is mainly used during the working days in the morning and early afternoon. On Tuesday and Wednesday between 08:00 and 14:00, your chances are highest that your post will be seen and read.

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Fabio Müller consults clients in the public sector, professional services and health. He benefits from his previous professional experience in journalism and IT. His special focus is on media relations, strategic communication and digital campaigns. Besides his work at C-Matrix, Fabio serves as a press officer in the Swiss Armed Forces.