Disruption. Transformation. Reinvention.

Rely on C-Matrix when it comes to inspire customers, maintain the reputation and ignite commitment – especially in times of change.


Do you want to give your company, your products, your brands and your services a profile? We understand how to develop compelling stories and messages that engage the target groups and journalists in the business, specialist and online media segments.read more...

We use strategic media relations, product PR, digital marketing and publishing to raise the profiles of companies, organisations and products, get people talking, blogging and tweeting about them and generate likes and shares.

Creating brand identities that build trust, encourage dialogue, inspire action and strengthen reputations is our daily business. With our extensive online and offline networks, we can reach and influence people across the globe with the stories we tell. Our systematic approach means we never miss an opportunity to generate media exposure that will benefit our clients’ brands. We can also take on the management of media offices and give companies and brands a profile.

Our services:

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Media relations and media events
  • Media office management
  • External contact for media representatives
  • Media spokesperson (permanent or interim)
  • Influencer relations
  • Media monitoring and evaluation
  • Reputation analyses


Brand Communications

Presenting brands and brand worlds is what we do. We bring brands to life, find new and innovative ways of telling fresh and modern brand stories and attract new target groups – without ever compromising the brand essence.read more...

In a world overflowing with brand messages and advertising, your brand needs to stand out from the crowd. We understand how to find the extraordinary stories behind the public face of every brand, develop them into compelling and unconventional brand stories and make them relevant to potential customers and target groups.

Our consulting and marketing services range from market analysis through to the detailed implementation of cross-media and integrated social media campaigns, and from content development through to taking care of every aspect of launch events and brand launches.

Our services:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Brand management and positioning
  • Brand entry strategies and product launches
  • Campaign development
  • Cross-media communication strategies
  • Media relations and issue management
  • Media, lifestyle and launch events
  • Content marketing
  • Blogger and influencer relations
  • CSR and social purpose marketing
  • Social media and digital marketing
  • Crisis prevention and communication


Social & Digital Marketing

We know how to create brand identities, virtual brand worlds, brand campaigns and brand events that will grab your target audience’s attention and get them talking about your brand. We don’t rely on conventional advertising slogans. read more...

We create emotional brand experiences that allow people to truly experience the products. Our team brings a truly diverse range of expertise to the table, and we know how to activate audiences that will spread your message throughout the digital world. These audiences are spoiled for choice, react sceptically to clumsy attempts to grab their attention and have long since turned away from traditional media – but they are open to new, innovative and even crazy ideas.

Our services:

  • Digital brand management
  • Digital and social media strategies
  • Digital and integrated campaigns
  • Content marketing
  • Search and recommendation
  • Production and promotion of earned, shared and paid media
  • Concept development, design and implementation of websites and landing pages
  • SEO
  • Gamification concept development and implementation
  • Design and animation of interactive infographics
  • Production of augmented and virtual reality content
  • Corporate design and brand development
  • Audits and guidelines
  • Community management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Style guides
  • Influencer relations and campaigns
  • Experiential marketing
  • Websites and digital platforms
  • Film and video


crisis communications

Are you prepared for potential crisis situations? Effective crisis management requires experience and clearly defined processes. We can help you with product recalls, business disruptions and other crisis situations with on-site, 24/7 assistance. read more...

We have guided companies from various sectors through all manner of structural crises, including site closures and impending insolvencies. During long-term restructuring phases, we help clients develop and implement change programmes, outperform competitors, get staff on board and win over investors.

Companies that do not have the resources to manage crises internally particularly value our support – often until well after the critical phase has been overcome. We can also help you prepare for crisis situations with crisis training and realistic simulations.

Our services:

  • Development of strategies and concepts to protect clients’ reputations
  • Change and restructuring communication
  • Insolvency and litigation communication
  • Employee engagement programmes
  • Media and on camera training
  • Media spokesperson (permanent or interim)
  • Issue management
  • Crisis communication concepts
  • Crisis manuals
  • Crisis simulations
  • Social media consulting and community management

Change & Transformation

Is your company facing difficult challenges that need to be communicated strategically? We have helped a number of clients successfully manage communication during change processes – from initial planning through to defining specific communication measures.read more...

Fast-paced and constant change in business, society and technology is forcing companies to adjust and adapt more rapidly than ever before. We help you understand the complex interplay of strategy, structure and culture and develop targeted communication measures that will get employees and stakeholders on board with your company’s change process.

We have a wealth of experience in the creation and implementation of strategy communication and mission statements, and can help you define precisely how complex transformation processes should be communicated.

Our services:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Creation and communication of mission statements and cultural change processes
  • Development of communication tools and training measures for executives
  • Creation and implementation of strategy communication
  • Internal communication
  • Mediation



Capital market Communications

Are you looking for a reliable partner able to effectively address an audience, even in turbulent times? We boast in-depth expertise in the field of financial products and asset classes, a good reputation and excellent contacts within leading business and financial media.read more...

We understand how to transform complex topics into compelling stories. Our best-in-class content marketing ensures that the right audiences are reached. We work with national and global organisations including banks, insurance companies, assets managers, investment and private equity firms, real estate investors as well as Fintech and payment companies.

We advise companies on mergers, acquisitions and divestments and other situations involving capital raising and restructuring. Together with our colleagues in the network, we are also able to guide large cross-border transactions – on the buy and sell side.

Our services:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Development of equity raising stories
  • Implementation of investor relations measures
  • Consulting in special situations (corporate acquisitions, transformation and restructuring processes, crises, mergers and acquisitions)
  • Investor presentations
  • Capital markets-related media work
  • Communications and Content Marketing for financial services and products


Healthcare communications

Do you need a campaign that stands out from the crowd, reaches its target audience and really touches people? We can provide blockbuster PR, launch campaigns for new medicines and communication on specific indications and health topics.read more...

Many of our campaigns do not address end consumers directly, but rather medical professionals and other important influencers within the healthcare field, one of the world’s most complex markets. Our healthcare communication measures therefore include classic instruments as well as influencer relations and stakeholder and alliances management.

We develop and implement effective health campaigns and advertising campaigns for OTC products, prescription-only medicines and medical devices for pharmaceutical and medical technology companies, health organisations, associations and interest groups.

Our services:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Brand management and positioning
  • Market entry strategies and product launches
  • Campaign development
  • Media relations and issue management
  • Editorial office (for trade press), external press office
  • Corporate publishing
  • Cross-media communication strategies
  • Events and awareness campaigns
  • Trade fairs, congresses, symposia
  • Online audits, SEO, community management
  • Blogger and influencer relations
  • Social media and digital marketing
  • Crisis prevention and communication
  • Corporate and public affairs

Corporate Communications

Are you looking for a partner who can develop campaigns and measures that address all stakeholders – including employees, the media, B2B and B2C customers, investors, regulatory authorities and NGOs?read more...

Our services range from employer branding and strategic media planning through to financial and capital market communication. We excel in developing and implementing complex campaigns, be they online, offline, social media based, text, film or audio.

Experience has shown us how important consistent communication is in order to facilitate market access, raise a company’s profile, promote acceptance and strengthen identity. In increasingly regulated and competitive markets, companies need to effectively convey their positions and strategies to succeed. New business models require rapid awareness and acceptance among an often sceptical general public.

Our services:

  • Strategy development, positioning, differentiation strategies
  • Stakeholder audits, benchmark and media analyses
  • CEO and C-suite reputation management and positioning
  • Editorial and content management
  • Media monitoring and PR measurement, comparative analyses
  • Campaign development
  • Corporate positioning, corporate brand management
  • External communication
  • Internal communication
  • Employer branding, employee communications and engagement
  • Media and camera training
  • Crisis communication
  • Content marketing and corporate publishing, newsroom services
  • Media relations, influencer and blogger relations
  • Social media and digital marketing

Communication - public sector

Are you responsible for a tax-payer-financed project with considerable public attention? We have many years of experience with public-sector projects and understand their complex communication requirements.

When project financing becomes more difficult and state-funded projects garner increased security, targeted and effective public-sector communication becomes even more crucial – people understand that they have a right to know what their taxes are being spent on.

We understand that drawing attention to the benefits of such projects is key to promoting greater acceptance among the public. Everyone has the right to know why tax revenues are being spent (or not spent) on specific projects, which is why we focus on transparency and honesty in public-sector communication.

Our services:

  • Status quo and stakeholder analyses
  • Strategy and concept development
  • External communications office
  • Media strategy (online and offline)
  • Media spokesperson (permanent or interim)
  • Project management communication
  • Event planning and organisation

Litigation Public Relations

Are you facing a legal dispute and want to win the media battle? We develop sound, sophisticated legal communication strategies for clients and law firms. read more...

Litigation PR cases are often complex affairs, frequently involving various stakeholders – some directly, some indirectly – with different interests and connections. When it comes to the crunch, companies need to make sure they make the right communication decisions at the right time. This requires a clear litigation PR strategy.

We understand how to develop litigation PR measures that effectively support legal strategies and improve our clients’ chances of success in legal proceedings. Today, the battle to influence opinions often begins online, with court proceedings being relayed live via twitter – often by the journalists covering the case. Using social media to our clients’ advantage during legal disputes is something we truly excel in.

Our services:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Media relations and issue management
  • Media spokesperson (permanent or interim)
  • Litigation PR mapping
  • Litigation PR websites, blogs, wikis, etc.