Leuk Teleport & Data Centre (TDC) – former Signalhorn.


The Leuk Teleport and Data Centre (TDC) is formerly part of Swisscom and advised by C-Matrix on its expansion into key markets. Via its extensive business network, C-Matrix has connected TDC with companies in the energy, crypto-mining industries and telecommunications industries to help achieve its growth objectives as soon as possible.

“C-Matrix is our partner to realise new projects and ideas quickly and with focus. The combination of know-how in the energy sector, business development and effective communication measures is unique and supports us decisively in future development.” 

Michel Kalbermatter, VP Teleport & Technical Services 

Key Objectives

Digitalization is transforming the market environment of the network and data centre industry for the long term. Advances in technology mean that only a few and smaller parabolic antennas are needed. Therefore, Leuk TDC wants to prepare the Leuk satellite system for the changing market environment. C-Matrix is to show the company new business opportunities and support it in advancing into new market fields. 


  • Concept and realization of a unique solar plant followed by a press conference to present the completed project
  • Construction of a fibre optic connection to the plant
  • Acquisition of new data centre customers from the crypto-mining sector with a sales volume of 3 million CHF
  • Market expansion of data centre services for international customers


C-Matrix has improved Leuk TDC’s market positioning in the data centre and power supply sectors, preparing it for the market transformation also by reaching extensive media coverage. Leuk TDC is able to reach potential customers better thanks to the Business Development Programme designed by C-Matrix.

Alfred Köcher

Alfred Köcher

Managing Partner

+41 43 300 56 50


DE / EN / FR

Dr. Alfred Köcher provides companies, organisations and business leaders with the tools they need to become opinion, market and industry leaders – with a range of programmes and campaigns that ensure ongoing success. He has a wealth of experience in strategic communications and reputation management as well as in business development programmes.

Michèle Weber Da Costa

Michèle Weber Da Costa

Senior Consultant

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DE / EN / FR / ES / PT

Michèle Weber Da Costa advises clients in the finance, construction and energy sector. She has many years of experience in project communication, event organisation, change management, internal and intercultural communication at Zurich Airport Police. She was an editor of a staff magazine and helped to shape the digitalisation of internal communication channels.