Digital and Online Communication / Web

We build engaging relationships between brands and their current and potential customers using the full range of digital marketing communications. We help clients develop a compelling online presence through the design and implementation of targeted online campaigns, optimal website solutions, online stores and landing pages which are mobile and search engine friendly.

We create ongoing presence with the use of continuous upgrades for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), targeted content, email marketing, Pay per Click (PPC), Social Media, online and affiliate advertising, blogging, RSS and news feeds.

Our Offer

Website Design & Concepts
We design websites that always put your business and user needs first. We never lose sight of the fact that the main indicator of success lies in visitor numbers and conversion rates. Our websites are not only appealing, CI/CD compliant and user friendly but rely on proven web technologies and intensive tests, on all major platforms, before “going live”. Our specialists ensure optimal interfaces to your ERP or web-to-print systems.

We use the art and science of SEO to maximize clients’ website visibility. We develop engaging content, optimally tailored for search engines. We consistently monitor the results, help clients interpret the search engine analytics, adjust content and, where applicable, suggest additional presence-boosting ativities such as targeted adwords campaigns.

Crossmedia Armoury
We deliver tangible results in the most cost-effective ways possible. So we provide crossmedia solutions to optimize client’s recognition, awareness and sales including email marketing, blogging, radio, TV and print advertising, media relations, ambient marketing and much more.